Many years in the Roofing industry has taught us to source the best quality roofing products and the use most innovative tools to ensure exceptional final results. These tools allow us to get the project done faster, more accurately and deliver a higher quality roof thereby saving you you’re hard earned dollars. We cost your projects to get you the biggest bang for your buck while focusing on delivering an exceptional return of investment when you go to sell.



Unlike many of our competitors we don’t cut corners just to save you time or money. All products and techniques used are 100% Guaranteed by us personally, and have been aged tested for New South Wales’s tough climate conditions. We only use and recommend our top choices of the best brands in the world, putting safety and reliability first when building or repairing your roof for you, your family & anyone we do business with. When we leave the job site, you can rest assured knowing what we built can be enjoyed for lifetime.



Locals supporting locals. We are proud to have been born and bred in New Castle, New South Wales. Our customer, like us, are part of the overall community. And often, we become lifelong friends. Plus, unlike some of our competitors, we keep and reinvest our dollars straight back into our own local community. We only employ local New Castle quality roofing professionals and are proactive on growing our amazing community, supporting local businesses and keeping our town abundant and thriving.


Reliable Roofers in Newcastle

As leading roofers in Newcastle, we make it a point to provide all our clients with the best roofing materials available in the market by building secure and reliable networks with trustworthy roofing suppliers in the industry. Clients are assured that when they pay for our services, it is synonymous to quality and durability. Making sure that this type of service is available to all our customers gives us an edge in the industry.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence is second to none. Our team understands the importance of providing a sturdy roofing system to give families and businesses security and peace of mind.

Our Services Can't Be Beat! We Back Everything With An Iron Clad Guarantee. We Aren't Happy Unless You Are Happy!


The New Castle Roofing Team

Having performed over 2,560 commercial and residential roofing projects, we have quickly become one of Newcastle’s most trusted, preferred and established roofing companies to provide a comprehensive selection of roofing solutions to meet our customers’ roofing needs, including roof replacement, roof repairs and restoration.

Benefits of Finding Excellent Roofers

Getting the best roofers committed to delivering excellent results can give you a lot of priceless returns. Working with the best allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Value for money.
  2. Positive results.
  3. Preservation of your property.
  4. Increased value of your property.
  5. Peace of mind.

When you intend to get roofing services in Newcastle look for a roofing company that can either maintain or increases the value of your property. Remember, a sturdy roofing system puts you in an advantageous position should you decide to put the property up for sale in the future.


Top-rated Roofing Company Newcastle

Our team is comprised of hardworking individuals who are known to be some of the industry’s most experienced, highly skilled and dedicated roofers. Our team members are trained to prioritize the interests of our clients by meeting their needs the fastest way possible. They are accommodating, easy to work with, receptive, and transparent in everything that they do.

Getting the best roofers in the industry is our way of delivering the best services possible to all our clients. We are not just one of the many roofing contractors in Newcastle; we are the forerunner in modern and state-of-the-art repair, restoration and installation processes.


Roofing Newcastle Group is a roofing company in Newcastle that is mindful of the needs of our growing community. One of our primary objectives as a business is to be a significant part of a generation that aims to build a lasting and sustainable community that will serve future generations effectively. It is for this reason why we choose to develop a reliable name by giving all our clients excellent roofing services that suit their budget just fine. We also exist to be a business that sets the bar for all roofers in Newcastle. We promote the value of an honest day’s work, accountability, transparency, and diligence to illustrate that we can contribute to building a sustainable and promising generation while growing our businesses at the same time. Setting this example, we believe, sets us apart from all the rest. So the next time around you are working on your roofing in Newcastle call us, and we would be much more delighted to accommodate you.




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